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Creating Sustainable Beauty with Native Plants

At Nativescapes, we specialize in crafting landscapes that are not only visually stunning but also ecologically sustainable. Our expertise lies in the art of using native plants, from majestic trees to vibrant blooming shrubs and captivating ground cover, to bring your outdoor space to life. We have a passion for complementing our plantings with unique boulders, ranging from the elegance of Delaware boulders to the grandeur of large moss rock. Our finishing touch often involves natural mulch application, typically with natural cedar or hemlock.

5 Stars


“John and his team worked their magic and completely transformed our property. I also love that he uses native plants. Our yard is finally a place I want to spend time in. Thank you John.”

-Sandra S.
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Bringing Ideas to Life with Vibrant Plants

Native Plants

Native plants are the foundation of healthy and thriving ecosystems. By incorporating them into your landscape, you not only enhance its natural beauty but also promote biodiversity, conserve water, and reduce maintenance. We believe that every native tree, shrub, and ground cover contributes to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

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Lawn Mowed

Boulders as Natural Accents

Boulders serve as striking natural accents in your landscape, creating focal points and adding a touch of rugged elegance. From the unique charm of Delaware boulders to the grand presence of large moss rock, our boulders are handpicked to harmonize with your surroundings, enhancing the visual appeal and structural integrity of your Native Plant Landscapes.

Mulch Applications

Our natural mulch application not only adds a finishing touch to your landscape but also plays a crucial role in retaining soil moisture, regulating temperature, and inhibiting weed growth. We offer options like natural cedar and hemlock mulch, which can seamlessly blend with the natural aesthetics of your Native Plant Landscapes.

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Your dream landscape awaits beyond these examples – connect with us to explore a vast array of custom plant designs!

Smooth Transformations, Seamless Process

Our process is carefully designed to bring your landscaping dreams to life while preserving and enhancing the environment.

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Our Service Area

Proudly serving Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties.

If you live in Sussex, Warren, or Morris county, there is a good chance we’ve provided residential and commercial services on job sites in a neighborhood near you. We serve:

  • Allamuchy
  • Andover Township
  • Blairstown
  • Branchville
  • Byram
  • Chester
  • Denville
  • Fredon
  • Frelinghuysen
  • Green Township
  • Hackettstown
  • Hampton Township
  • Hardwick
  • Hopatcong
  • Hope Township
  • Independence
  • Jefferson
  • Knowlton Township
  • Lafayette
  • Liberty
  • Mendham
  • Mt. Arlington
  • Mt. Olive
  • Randolph
  • Rockaway Township
  • Roxbury
  • Sandyston
  • Sparta
  • Stillwater
  • Wantage

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