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At Nativescapes, we excel in designing and constructing pathways that do more than connect points A and B; they create a journey through your landscape. Our commitment to natural aesthetics drives us to craft pathways that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Whether it’s the understated elegance of a chip stone walkway winding through a nature infused landscape, the rustic charm of irregular flagstone steps, or the enduring beauty of a custom crafted, trimmed, and antiqued irregular flagstone. Each pathway we create is a unique reflection of your personal style and the natural character of your property, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and natural beauty.

5 Stars


“We Love our new walkway and garden by Nativescapes!! It’s so beautiful and gives our yard such a gorgeous aesthetic….we couldn’t be happier!!!”

-Steph B.
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A Quick Look at Some of our Favorite Pathways

Natural Stepping Stones

Nature has a way of laying out its own paths, and our natural stepping stones embrace this organic elegance. We carefully select stones that harmonize with your surroundings, offering a unique, meandering route that feels as though it’s been there for centuries. Our stepping stone pathways are not just functional; they’re a celebration of the Earth’s raw, unspoiled beauty. With each step, you’ll experience the rhythm of your landscape in a way that is both intimate and refreshing.

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Lawn Mowed

Irregular Flagstone Pathway

Our Irregular Flagstone Pathway is a timeless choice for those looking to make a statement with their front entry or create an inviting route to their outdoor living space. Each piece of flagstone is hand-selected, trimmed, and antiqued to create a pathway that exudes natural beauty. The stones are meticulously chosen to provide a tight gap between them while preserving their natural appearance. This style of pathway offers a unique blend of sophistication and the authenticity of the great outdoors.

Experience the Beauty of the Outdoors, Right at Home

Our crushed chip stone pathways are more than just pathways; they’re journeys through nature’s artistry.

These pathways offer a tactile and visual connection to the natural world, guiding you through your landscape with elegance and grace. They are not just a means of getting from one place to another; they are a way to savor the journey itself.

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Seeking something unique? Reach out to explore a wider array of natural pathways beyond our showcased selections!

Smooth Transformations, Seamless Process

Our process is carefully designed to bring your landscaping dreams to life while preserving and enhancing the environment.

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If you live in Sussex, Warren, or Morris county, there is a good chance we’ve provided residential and commercial services on job sites in a neighborhood near you. We serve:

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